DJ Matt Stands

DJ Matt Stands

Since 2006, Matt Stands passion for DJ'ing reflects in his ability to capture the diversity of the dance floor, by blending a large range of house, tribal, electro, breaks & progressive.

Keeping up with the current hits & never forgetting the classics, Matt Stands knowledge of music history & theory reflects in his commitment behind the turntables, and those who continue to support the electronic music scene.

Matt Stands has held a 10 year residency at Seattle’s Cuff Complex and Bar Myx
Current Seattle residencies include Seattle Eagle, Bar Myx and Steamworks Inc.
Matt Stands has an active travel list of Promoters and event backers including:
Bearracuda Worldwide
XL Bears (Seattle US)
MN Events Ruff (British Columbia)
Pit Bull (Toronto, Ontario)
C89.5 FM Elektrobox
MassPools Record Association
Club Killers Worldwide

In 2009 Matt Stands took another step in entertaining by adding a 30K 2.5 Watt Full Color Laser system. Using Pangolin Systems Software, the laser is capable of performing text, graphic animation, liquid sky, and beam show effects. This gives him greater opportunities to energize and engage audiences by adding a truly unique sound/visual experience to your next event. Laser performances include CDRH/FDA show notifications for event.

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DJ Matt Stands

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

It has been announced that Trilogy night club Everett (formally Bar Myx) has closed it doors. I've had the privilege and honor of being the clubs resident DJ for almost a decade.  It saddens me knowing that we have lost a safe space for all to come, free of prejudice in Snohomish County.

I hold many memories and have made so many friends along the way. I hope that another venue will open their doors with the same freedom of expression that owner Brenton offered to us over the years. Thank you Brenton for giving us all a safe space to gather as family. I look forward to seeing everyone out on the dance floor and remember, 'The World Will Stop Spinning, If We're Not Dancing On It '
Matt Stands

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